Heavens Sash™” is 100% Eastern Red Cedar encased in natural fire retardant jute sleeves.


The Permanent Solution
10 step Directions for use: Sleep Tite Bed Sash

  1. Take mattress and box spring off bed. (Or simply prop up to gain access under the bed area.)
  2. Vacuum area under bed, underneath box-spring, mattress and the rest of the room.
  3. Shake the cedar dust gently from the Bugless Bed Bag, carpeting all the area directly under the Boxspring/mattress.
  4. Leave the Bag under the bed in the center of the floor.
  5. Replace the boxspring.
  6. Lay the Bed Sash (bugless bed pad) a-top the box-springs lengthways and replace the mattress on top of them(it).
  7. Wait 24 hours and re-vacuum room, not under bed, from bathroom all the way out into the hallway. And in all corner baseboard areas.
  8. Use 2 for King, Queen, Full, Double. 1 for Twin or single beds, or sleeping bag. Hang extra length toward headboard.
  9. More cedar = more repulsion. Un-zip to replenish cedar or add depending on severity of infestation.
  10. For extra chipped cedar or to order Bed Sash call:

Sleep Tite Bed Sash works in enclosed biospheres, just like cedar chests, and cedar closets; but with a higher density and surface area repulsion rate due to releasing more of the active ingredient of Eastern Red Cedar by chipping it into small rough pieces.

Heavens Sash 

You can take it with you



Alaska, Hawaii or Maine + $10.

How It Works….

AS SHOWN ABOVE: SIMPLY PLACE PAD LENGTHWISE BETWEEN BOXSPRING AND MATTRESS ALONG THE EDGE OF BED. Allow extra length, (if any), to protrude from the headboard end of mattress The wood particulates that fall from product are the most active ingredient and are necessary and intended for best results. Vacuum any excess from floor or not. Avoid breathing particulates with gentle placement and handling of pad.




“Hospitality Pad”

Made for hotels, motels and Your bed if you want.

Made for


 The Bugless Bedroll

For camping, campers, RVs or wherever you lay down to sleep

This product was designed for use on camping trips or similar situations.

Padding for sleeping comfort less the bugs!







A bugs worst enemy! Raw Juniperis Virginianis.

In bed, around the home or when traveling.


Disregard the following !!!!!

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