We all know or should know that Bed bugs and others such as cockroaches are nocturnal and leave their daytime hiding places deep inside cracks, crevices, under and inside furniture: natural refuge from your sprays and vacuum.

Bed bugs, mites, and fleas etc. hang around their food supply…the bed, waiting for its victim to come to rest.

Some “hiding places” are harder to find or see to treat than others. For this purpose, Bugless Bedrooms.com has adopted bedroom and bedding furniture products to combat unpredictable infestations.

Bugless Bedrooms.com offers products that are to be either placed in the hiding place or actually be the normal refuge and daytime hiding place for these parasites.

Our goal is to create a natural non-toxic footprint of bug repellant in your bedroom(s), and help get a natural non-toxic foothold against bedroom infestations. We start at the bed and work outward. So come along, we are harmless and we smell good!.

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