Using ancient biotechnology, Heavens Sash and Door Company Inc. has come across and created some common sense approaches and new discoveries in bedroom and bedding products that aid in the combat of bedroom parasites in and around the bed.

Heavens Sash and Door will introduce to you through Bugless, an ancient and renowned plant called Juniperis Virginianis, and to a method that creates a biological footprint of insect repulsion in the bedroom. This plant, also known as Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar delivers a painfully asthmatic molting type reaction to most all insects including cockroaches and bed bugs in controlled and enclosed biosphere…like your bed. Turn about is a fair game in love, war and Bugs!

Aromatic cedar has long been used in chests, closets, gardens, pet cushions, ointments, perfumes, fence posts and insect sprays. In fact aromatic cedar is one of the very few natural insect repellants that really work. America Indians have know this for generations and used aromatic cedar to repel infestations and control odors in extremely earthen environments…along with the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations, Juniperas Virginianis use for infestation and preservation control is well documented.

Therefore …We need not hard sell our products to you, they are already proven. Our products are purchased one time, just as a cedar chest. Our product out last all other prevention strategies and allows you to control the room before the unexpected guest arrives.

We at Heavens Sash and Door hope you will find Bugless and it’s products and methods of naturally preventing insects and infestations enlightening and powerful. We believe Junipers Viginianis is truly natures gift to man. The Cedar we use comes from replenished & protected forests controlled by their owners.

Juniperis Virginianis is effective against insects long after humans cannot smell the aroma of its oil. Economically long lasting is a good description of our products. Just set in place and the work is done, nature takes over. One price, one treatment; you do not have to spray our products on your bed or on the bugs you can or can’t find, over and over again; they go away from your bed…voluntarily!

Science has proven, (Auburn University Study), “the more aromatic eastern red cedar contained in a biosphere, the larger the repulsion effect will be, “Because of this, our products are large and filled with 100% freshly hewn Juniperis Virginianis, a.k.a eastern aromatic red cedar, all natural and self-contained to accommodate easy transport and handling. Placed in strategic locations, there will be fewer places for bugs to run or hide. Our products are not liquid or diluted; they do not go through a spray nozzle. Like whole grain foods, we use whole grain wood, cut to increase surface areas, to produce as much fumigant per square inch in your bed and bedrooms biosphere as possible.

Butterfly collectors use cedar display boxes to repel insects from eating their butterflies. Why not use cedar to keep bugs from eating you? Take action now. Do your diligence. Protect your bed & Home.

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