Good Bed Bug News From Local Inventor

A woman in San Fernando Valley swears by biological wonder bed bug repellent, released by a local company in Orange County. “I was ready to burn down the house and divorce my husband. The pad, (Sleep Tight Bed Sash) ”saved my marriage… “We have been free of bed bugs for four weeks.”

Patent pending by inventor Allen F. Smithson of North Tustin/Santa Ana, the product starts the footprint of a bug free bedroom environment by circulating a natural fumigant repellent through- out the bed triggered by the movements of the sleeper. The lightly perfumed fumigant that is in the pad emanates throughout the mattress and box spring and from the bed outward, repel- ling insects away from the pests’ favorite hiding place.” 97% of all bugs are affected by this ancient bio technology that is time proven and very effective, since the days of King Solomon and before.

For more information call (714) 639-0848

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